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  At the Bridge, we take the word ministry seriously and work to make it our lifestyle. Whether it is working together to renovate the local library,    or add a porch to a neighbor's house, we are always looking for   ways to serve and do in our communities and neighborhoods.  


Josh and Sandy Reynolds

  Worship that leans modern with traditional favorites mixed   in.  Seeking to express our love for God through expressions of   Celebration, Inspiration, and Preparation. 


Men's and Women's Groups

  Here at The Bridge, we want everyone to find a place where they feel they belong.  We have groups that meet during the week and once or twice a month.   We work on building relationships with each other and with Christ as we walk through our daily lives.   


The Next Chapter

  Students who call The Bridge home are asked to get involved in everything we   do.  We believe this present generation of students have the potential to be used      by God in a way that surpasses every other generation in history.


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  We host the North Baltimore Community Food Pantry as a ministry in cooperation with the North Baltimore Area Cooperative Ministry.  These local churches seek to   offer hope and help in Christ Jesus.  There are also local organizations that support the pantry with either food or financial gifts.


Mission Minded Giving

Like the widow with her small gift, we believer that even small gifts can do big things. Once a month our children collect a "change" offering that we use for mission minded projects. 


We at the bridge believe we have a responsibility to support those set in authority. Part of that is praying for our elected officials and first responders. We also put feet to our prayer support with our 

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