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Defining Vision

Our Vision is the future we hope to see here at the Bridge. It means looking into the future and envisioning the kind of church family we want to be. It means defining what difference this church will make for whom and to what extent.

Our desire is to be a five-star church (a church with a quality mindset in all areas of ministry), serving God, His people, and the world with excellence in our community, the greater Wood County, and reaching beyond to the larger world.

We will partner with Jesus Christ, the church past and present, and each other at The Bridge by becoming a ministry that will display hearts and hands that will live out our mission to be a healthy and growing church that produces mature disciples of Jesus Christ that will love God, love each other, and serve the world both in our gathered and scattered state as God’s people.

As such, we are seeking to disciples of Jesus Christ that will embrace a maturity that is three-fold: Join the Team, Train for Growth, and then Get in the Game of building God’s people and Kingdom.

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