• Marianne Vanderbeke

How can I help you?

What are the things that people are looking for in a church? What drives people to one congregation over another?

Carey Nieuwhof works with people of all generations, but he sat down with a group of millennial church workers and discussed this idea for a 2018 blog post. His answers, while not surprising, may be eye opening to some.

Most importantly he says that Character matters....we have to do what we say we will, and we have to be who we say we are. "People can smell a fake a mile away." But right behind that is Relationship.

Cigna did a study that found that 46% of all adults claim to be lonely and in need of companionship, and that Gen Z is the loneliest of all. How we set up our church communities to meet those needs is what will draw people in or turn them away. People need people...people who really care to be involved in their lives--even when it is inconvenient.

That brings us to the Diversity and Competence. If we are reaching out to those unlike ourselves, we may have to lose some of our "Christianese" terminology and maybe even break down some stereotypes between generations and learn to listen before we speak. Move out of the "us vs them" model and into a "I want to understand you, how do I do that" model. Reach out..don't let shyness or fear keep us from sharing that we have the best news available--that God loves us and wants us to have relationship and fellowship with him--achievable through salvation. Let the whole world person, one relationship at a time.


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