• Marianne Vanderbeke

In the beginning......

There are times in life when we must decide which path we will choose. Such a time came to a group of people in the summer of 2012. That choice became-The Bridge Fellowship of North Baltimore(TBF).

​God led a group of families to seek a new way to experience faith and worship. This seeking wasn’t a group decision; yet, when many of the families talked together, they found they were seeking the same things. This led to about 18 people gathering to fellowship and worship together. They started in the Holiday Inn in Bowling Green, but as they sought a permanent home, they saw the need for a church such as they wanted to be in North Baltimore. That led to worshiping in the North Baltimore High School and finally finding and settling in the former Salvation Army church at 123 East Broadway, North Baltimore, Ohio.

Through high points, low points, and a lot of things in-between the gathering has stuck together seeking to be both a healthy and growing church. Our goal is to be a healthy growing church that fulfills our motto of “love God, love each other and serve the world.” We are working to produce disciples of Christ, and servants who live our Christ’s love in the world.

If you are coming with questions, we want you to know that we don’t have all the answers, but we are a place that you can come to with questions about the Christian faith. It may be that you’ve given up on church, but perhaps maybe, it is now time to give God and His people another chance. If you have questions about God or the things of God, such as the Bible, faith, or what a relationship with Christ is all about, please let us know. It just might be that you are being called to also become part of this ongoing narrative.


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